SMP Compute Server

A new SMP system (vSMP) with 256 processor cores and 4 TByte main memory will be available soon. vSMP is part of the OCuLUS HPC-Cluster

System Configuration

  • 4 processors Intel Xeon X7542, 2.67GHz, with 6 cores each
  • 128 GByte main memory
  • 100 GByte local disk space
  • 50 TByte shared disk space
  • Cent OS 5.4

The system is provided for applications with high main memory requirements.

System Access

The system is integratd in the ARMINIUS cluster and can be accessed from

the ARMINIUS frontends by ssh smp-1-1


To access the system you must be a PC2 user.  New users can register here.