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Data Center Building O

Open Source Projects

Most Open Source software projects of the PC² can be found on github:

The following projects have not been transferred to github yet and can be downloaded from this page.

Barracuda - A Microdriver Architecture for Error Correcting Codes inside the Linux Kernel

Linux is often used in conjunction with parallel file systems in high performance cluster environments and the tremendous storage growth in these environments leads to the requirement of multi-error correcting codes. This work investigates the potential of GPUs for such coding applications in the Linux kernel. For this purpose, a special micro driver concept (Barracuda) has been designed that can be integrated into Linux without changing kernel APIs. For the investigation of the performance of this concept, the Linux RAID 6-system and the applied Reed-Solomon code have been exemplary extendedand. The resulting measurements outline opportunities and limitations of our microdriver concept. On the one hand, the concept achieves a speed-up of 72 for complex, 8-failure correcting codes, while no additional speed-up can be generated for simpler, 2-error correcting codes. An example application for Barracuda could therefore be the replacement of expensive RAID systems in cluster storage environments.

Download tarball of version 1.0

Rule Based Mapping for Virtual Machines - An Extension to Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus (Elastic Utility Computing Architecture) is an open source service overlay that implements elastic computing using existing resources. The goal of Eucalyptus is to allow sites with existing clusters and server infrastructure to co-host an elastic computing service that is interface-compatible with Amazon's EC2.

This Eucalyptus distribution, based on the Eucalyptus 1.6.1, contains extensions for a rule based mapping of virtual machines. Please have a look at eucalyptus.conf for setting up mapping rules.

Download tarball

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