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User Projects on the HPC-Systems

Optically induced bond breaking in silicon substrate-stabilized indium nanowire - Prof.Dr. Wolf Gero Schmidt, Universität Paderborn

Various academic user projects from different research institutions are using the HPC resources of PC².

Selected user projects:


Selected highlights of user publications:

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Realization of all-optical vortex switching in exciton-polariton condensates

X. Ma, B. Berger, M. Assmann, R. Driben, T. Meier, C. Schneider, S. Höfling, S. Schumacher, in: arXiv:1907.03171, 2019

Vortices are topological objects representing the circular motion of a fluid. With their additional degree of freedom, the 'vorticity', they have been widely investigated in many physical systems and different materials for fundamental interest and for applications in data storage and information processing. Vortices have also been observed in non-equilibrium exciton-polariton condensates in planar semiconductor microcavities. There they appear spontaneously or can be created and pinned in space using ring-shaped optical excitation profiles. However, using the vortex state for information processing not only requires creation of a vortex but also efficient control over the vortex after its creation. Here we demonstrate a simple approach to control and switch a localized polariton vortex between opposite states. In our scheme, both the optical control of vorticity and its detection through the orbital angular momentum of the emitted light are implemented in a robust and practical manner.

    Observation and Uses of Position-Space Bloch Oscillations in an Ultracold Gas

    Z.A. Geiger, K.M. Fujiwara, K. Singh, R. Senaratne, S.V. Rajagopal, M. Lipatov, T. Shimasaki, R. Driben, V.V. Konotop, T. Meier, D.M. Weld, Physical Review Letters (2018), 120(21)

    Optically excited structural transition in atomic wires on surfaces at the quantum limit

    T. Frigge, B. Hafke, T. Witte, B. Krenzer, C. Streubühr, A. Samad Syed, V. Mikšić Trontl, I. Avigo, P. Zhou, M. Ligges, D. von der Linde, U. Bovensiepen, M. Horn-von Hoegen, S. Wippermann, A. Lücke, S. Sanna, U. Gerstmann, W.G. Schmidt, Nature (2017), 544, pp. 207-211

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