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Data Center Building O

Lectures held by members of PC²

Below you find a list of lectures, seminars and other courses in the area of high-performance and scientific computing that are held by the working group of members of PC².

Please note: these lists are currently under construction and still incomplete 

Summer term 2017

TitleLecturerWorking group (Department)Study programs
Architektur Paralleler RechnersystemeDr. Jens SimonHigh-Performance IT Systems (CS)MSc CS + CE
Numerical Simulations with the Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain MethodDr. Yevgen GrynkoTheoretical Electrical Engineering (EE)MSc EE
Molecular SimulationProf. Dr. Jadran Vrabec; Gabor RutkaiThermodynamics and Energy Technologies (ME)MSc ME

Winter term 2016/17

TitleLecturerWorking group (Department)Study programs
High-Performance ComputingProf. Dr. Christian PlesslHigh-Performance IT Systems (CS)MSc CS + CE
Advanced Computer ArchitectureProf. Dr. Marco PlatznerComputer Engineering (CS)MSc CS + CE
Modeling and SimulationDr. Viktor MyroshnychenkoTheoretical Electrical Engineering (EE)MSc ESE
Elektromagnetische FeldsimulationenDr. Denis SieversTheoretical Electrical Engineering (EE)MSc EE

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