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Please, note as long as Paderborn University is closed due to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, we will offer all HPC courses as online events. The talks will be in the format of a video conference and the handson-sections will be done with help of virtual desktops or screen sharing so that tutors can help with exercises.

  1. Linux Introduction Course
  2. HPC Introduction Course
    • for users with basic Linux experience that want to use the computing resources available at Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC²)
    • duration: one afternoon
    • next courseall future courses
  3. Advanced Topics of HPC
    • for users that want to learn about high-performance compiler and libraries, profiling, scaling analysis, and other related topics
    • duration: one day
    • next courseall future courses
  4. Performance Engineering Course
    • for users that want to learn about node-level performance engineering, hardware-performance counter, performance optimization,....
    • duration: two days 
    • next courseall future courses
  5. Specialized courses

Please note, that each course builds on the previous one. However, feel free to start with the course matching your experience. Try the quick self tests we offer for each course and find out.

  • Course location: Paderborn. If there is sufficient demand, we can also hold our courses at your site.
  • The courses are free of charge for members of German universities or publically-funded research institutions.

Please consider also visiting our HPC-consultation hour (Tuesdays, 14:30h) for individual problems and questions. As part of the consultation hour, we also offer HPC mini tutorials on every first Tuesday of the month covering various HPC topics in an accessible and practical manner. Feel free to join (no registration required)!

If you have questions about our courses, contact pc2-support(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de, please.

HPC-Calender of the Gauß-Alliance

HPC-Calendar of the Gauß-Alliance for HPC in Germany


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