User and De­veloper Train­ing

We regularily offer introductory, intermediate, and advanced HPC Training Events for current and potential future users of our supercomputing infrastructure. Unless communicated otherwise, all our courses are free of charge for members of German universities or publically-funded research institutions.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us via

In our course canon, each course builds on the previous one, and the first course is explicitly designed for HPC beginners. Feel free to start with a course matching your experience (we provide quick self-tests on the course pages to help you assess your prior knowledge).

  1. Linux Introduction Course
  2. HPC Cluster Introduction Course
    • Target audience: users with basic Linux experience that want to use the computing resources available at PC2
    • Duration: one afternoon
    • Next courseall future courses
  3. HPC Tuning and Analysis
    • Target audience: users that want to dive deeper and learn about HPC tools and concepts such as high-performance compilers and libraries as well as profiling, scaling analysis, and more
    • Duration: one afternoon
    • Next courseall future courses
  4. Introduction to Node-Level Parallel Programming
    • Target audience: users that want to learn about node-level performance engineering, i.e., SIMD, cache topologies, hardware-performance counters, performance optimization, and more
    • Duration: one day
    • Next courseall future courses

On an irregular basis, we offer individual events or course series that have a specific focus, such as a certain HPC programming model, tool, or technology. For further information, check out our overview of upcoming Focused Training courses.

If you think that a special training on a certain topic would be of high value to you and other users, feel free to suggest it to us.


On the first Tuesday of every month, we offer HPC Mini Tutorials where we cover various HPC topics in an accessible and practical way, aiming for a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Feel free to join any time (no registration required)!

Open Con­sulta­tion Hour and In­tens­ive Con­sult­ing

To discuss individual technical or scientific questions, a personal consultation is often more effective than email support. We therefore offer regular open consultation hours (every Tuesday at 15:00 hours), where users have access to consultations without prior appointment, in which basic questions can be clarified directly and, if necessary, follow-up appointments can be arranged. Typical questions discussed in these consultation hours are

  • Individual issues with system access and software installation
  • Design of research group-specific workflows
  • Mangement of research data (transfer, post-processing, archival) 

In addition, we also collaborate with other national HPC centers in offering topic-specific consultation hours and webinars, for example on how to use our systems effectively for AI applications.

Selected projects that align with research focus of PC2, for example in atomistic simulations, computational physics and chemistry, or the use of FPGA and GPUs hardware accelerators, may also receive dedicated intensive support by the HPC and application experts of PC2. This type of support typically takes place within the framework of a longer collaboration, which, in addition to technical support, also includes scientific objectives and the joint further development of methods, simulation software or the development of services.