Noc­tua 1

Noctua 1 was inaugurated on September 21, 2018. It is the first system of a two phase installation.

Technical description

System Cray CS500
Processor Cores 10,880
Total Main Memory 51 TiB
Floating-Point Performance CPU: 841 TFLOPS DP Peak (535 TFLOPS Linpack)
Cabinets 5 racks - active backdoor cooling,
1 rack - air cooling
Compute Nodes 256 nodes, each with
GPU Nodes 18 nodes, each with
Communication Network CPUs Intel Omni Path 100 Gbps, 1:1.4 blocking factor
Storage System Cray ClusterStor L300N with NXD flash accelerator
Lustre File System with 720 TB capacity



For detailed documentation, available file systems and software, please refer to our technical documentation wiki.