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Data Center Building O Show image information

Data Center Building O

Noctua 2

Noctua 2 was inaugurated on April 29, 2022. It is the first system of NHR in Paderborn.

Technical description

System Atos BullSequana XH2000
Processor Cores 143.872
Total Main Memory 347,5 TiB
Floating-Point Performance CPU: 5.4 PFLOPS DP Peak (4.19 PFlop/s Linpack)
GPU: 2.49 PFLOPS DP Tensor Core Peak (ca. 1.7 PFlop/s Linpack)
Cabinets 12 racks - direct liquid cooling,
7 racks - air cooling, four of them with active backdoor cooling
Compute Nodes 1056 nodes, each with
  • 2x AMD Milan 7763, 2.45 GHz
    • 2x 64 cores
  • 256 GiB main memory (66 nodes with 1 TiB)
GPU Nodes

32 nodes, each with

  • 2x AMD Milan 7763, 2.45 GHz
    • 2x 64 cores
  • 512 GiB main memory
  • 4x NVIDIA A100 with NVLink and 40 GB HBM2

one node

FPGA Nodes

36 FPGA nodes, each with

80 FPGA cards

Communication Network CPUs Mellanox InfiniBand 100/200 HDR, 1:2 blocking factor
Communication Network FPGAs

Application-specific interconnect

Storage System DDN Exascaler 7990X with NVMe accelerator
Lustre File System with 6 PB capacity



For detailed documentation, available file systems and software, please refer to our technical documentation wiki.

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