HPC and Domain-Specific Consulting

Our HPC and domain-specific advisors support our customers through the whole life cycle of their computational science projects from the computing time application, to the effective use of our HPC systems, up to and including archival of legally and funding agency compliant archival of research data. Our scientific advisors are both HPC experts but typically also postdoc-level experts in one of the competence areas of PC². This dual expertise enables them to support users also with the computational aspects of their domain-specific research, for example, with advise on application configuration and method selection, optimizing or developing new methods tailored for hardware accelerators, or creating domain-specific workflows.

How to get support from our advisors

  • During system access application: When requestion a test project as preparation for a system access application, you automatically get an initial HPC advisor with matching expertise assigned. This advisor will support you with your feasibility studies and scalability projects and will involve other advisors or our technical support team if needed.
  • Owl Projects: Through the Owl Project program our advisors can provide special support for projects with strategic relevance for our research and service portfolio. Admission to the Owl Project program can be applied for when submitting a computing time proposal for small and large projects. 
  • HPC consultation hour: We offer a weekly open HPC consultation hour where prospective or existing users can pariticipate without appointment or registration to discuss their questions.
  • Scheduled appointment: During the project runtime, you may contact your assigned advisor at any point by email to schedule an appointment for a personal consulting session. You may also contact our general user support pc2-support@uni-paderborn.de who will dispatch your request to a suitable expert. 
  • Training: We organize regular training courses where our advisors or external experts teach fundational and advanced HPC topics but also domain-specific trainings and events such as workshops and summer schools. You find more details about our regular courses in the overview of upcoming training events.