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Reviewer Guide

The scientific review of NHR-compute time proposals at PC2 is handled via an electronic review system. Also the compute-time proposal and additional documents are provided via this system. 

The review process is a single-blind review. The reponses in the review (except the feedback to the applicant) are only available to the resource allocation board (RAB) of PC2 and the NHR Nutzungsausschuss.

In case of any kind of questions please contact pc2-support(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de.


In the review invitation you will get a url that includes the access to the electronic review system.

The review process includes the following steps:

1. Agreement to create a review and acceptance of conflict of interest rules:

2. The notes from the technical review are shown and the proposal document can be downloaded. 

3. The qualits of the proposal is assessed with astraight-forward rating of different aspects.

4. The requested amount of resources is assessed.

5. (optional) Feedback for the applicant can be provided.

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