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Possible Simplification for Normal or Large Project Proposals

The following simplifications for normal or large project proposals are allowed:

  1. Using a well-known code: 
    • If you use a program that is on our list of well-known codes, then you don't have to include a scaling analysis in the detailed description.
  2. Project was already scientifically reviewed:
    • If your reserach project has already been reviewed scientifically by the BMBF, DFG, European Union (EU projects), a GCS center or another NHR center. If unsure or unclear if this applies please contact us.
    • If you choose to use this simplification, then the detailed project description is much shorter because the scientific aspects have already been reviewed anyway.
    • The simplified review will shorten the time from the submission of your project proposal to the start of the project.
    • Please send us the the following information in addition to the simplified project description:
      • the project proposal that was scientifically reviewed and tell us which sections are relevant. You are free to remove the aspects that are not relevant for the scientific description of the project. Although no lengthy scientific review is required in this case, we still might have to inquire from external referees if the requested compute resources are suitable for this project because this aspect is often not explicitly reviewed. Thus, the project proposal you send us might be made available to the referees to get an idea which kind of calculations you plan to do.
      • the result of the scientific review
      • the project information like project name, project id and so on.

Using one or multiple of these simplification will not affect the chance of granting your proposal or the granted compute resources in a negative way.

The University for the Information Society