Steps to Apply for a Test Project at PC2

Please first check the requirements for a Test Project:

  • The principal investigator has to have a Ph.D (or equivalent).
  • The required compute resources are only for testing or scalability analysis for example as a preparation for small, normal or large preoject proposal.


To apply for a test project at PC2 please follow the steps:

  1. Fill out the Proposal Form: apply for a test project in our online proposal system
    1. Login with your university mail. You will get a mail with login information.
    2. Then click the gray button "New small-Project Application" and fill out the forms. If you have any question please contact us via one of our support possibilities.
    3. On the last page click "SUBMIT". A few minutes later yoou will get a mail with the proposal as a pdf attached.
  2. Sign the Proposal: The principal investigator (PI) and project administrator (PA) need to sign the pdf either by hand signature or electronically and send the signed document to
  3. Wait for the Decision: We will process the proposal and you will get a decision within a few work days. If the project is granted, you will get the relevant information by mail.
  4. Additional User Accounts: If you or a person that should use the projects resources don't have a user account at Paderborn University (aka. IMT account), then please request a user account.