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PC2 User Meeting 2020

The next PC2 User Meeting will be held on November 26, 2020 and we cordially invite all interested persons to join the meeting. The meeting will be held in a virtual fashion while trying to keep it as interactive as possible.

The meeting consists of two parts: on the one hand, a scientific part, where users of PC2 systems can present their work and get into contact with other users. On the other hand, the technical part will present the hardware and software environment of the HPC systems available at PC². This information will cover an update on the compute-time application process and an overview of recent new features and services at PC². 

Further, all participants are invited to present their research in a poster session and to discuss with fellow researchers and members of the PC² management and advisory boards.

The PC² support and administration staff will also take part in the poster sessions so that you can ask problems or discuss your needs for future systems and services.

Date and Location

  • Date: 26 November 2020
  • Begin: 15:00
  • Place: virtual (Zoom)


  • At least one poster from every current large compute project is expected. Posters from small compute projects are very welcome, too.
    • Like the complete event, also the poster session will be held in a virtual fashion. Thus, we recommend to prepare landscape posters or, alternatively, a slide that describes your work.
  • Please register for the event at


The programm can be found at


E-Mail: pc2-support(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de

Phone: +49 5251 60 - 1735 (Sekretariat)

The University for the Information Society