How to get a User Ac­count at PC2

Please note that in order to apply for an account or to be added to a project the project must be granted. That means if you actually, for example, want a test project you have to apply for a test project first (see test, small, normal/large projects and the overview page for details).

  • Members of the Paderborn University have to use their IMT account. Please ask the principal investigator (PI) or project administrator (PA) of a granted project to add you to the project via the IMT service portal.
  • Scientists without an IMT account have to apply for an account.
    • Please follow the steps:
      1. Find out the project acronym. This is a string like hpc-prf-lsdfa. If unsure please ask the principal investigator of the project.
      2. Fill out the online account request form at PC²-JARDS
      3. After submitting you will get a pdf by mail. Please sign the pdf and have the principal investigator of the project sign it (either by hand or digitally).
      4. Send the signed pdf to
      5. The account will be created within a few days and you will be notified by mail.