Con­tract awar­ded for next su­per­com­puter at Pader­born Cen­ter for Par­al­lel Com­put­ing

 |  Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2)

Paderborn University has signed a contract with pro-com Datensysteme GmbH for the delivery, installation and maintenance of an HPC system based on the next generation of AMD processors. The computer system operated by PC2 will have 740 Lenovo compute nodes divided into CPU, GPU and FPGA partitions, an IBM Spectrum Scale parallel file system with over 5 petabytes of storage capacity, and will be connected via an Nvidia NDR InfiniBand interconnect. The compute nodes each have two processors, each with powerful processor cores and DRAM modules with very high memory bandwidth. The GPU partition will consist of 27 compute nodes, each with four Nvidia H100 GPUs. 32 compute nodes are available for future FPGA accelerator cards. The HPC system will be cooled 97% by indirect free cooling, allowing it to operate very energy-efficiently all year round and to reuse a significant amount of the planned waste heat. Beginning in 2025, a large portion of the computer system will be made available for nationwide use as part of the National High Performance Computing (NHR) initiative and will support the Atomistic Simulation research priority, among others. In addition, the HPC system will be available to all researchers at Paderborn University and other scientists in the PC2 research focus areas from North Rhine-Westphalia. The current Noctua 2 system at PC2 will thus be complemented by another HPC system with approximately twice the computing power. The cost of the system in the planned final configuration will be approximately 14 million Euros.

Photo (Paderborn University, Johanna Pietsch): The contracts for the new HPC system have been signed. (front from left to right) Judith Schröter (Lenovo) and Simone Probst (Paderborn University), (back from left to right) Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl (Paderborn University) and Oliver Kill (pro-com).


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