NHR Quantum Ma­chine Learn­ing Tu­tori­al at ISC'24

 |  Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2)

On 12th May 2024, the NHR Quantum Machine Learning Tutorial took place at ISC’24 in Hamburg. The tutorial was scheduled for a full-day and collaborated between three NHR centers in Germany: Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2), NHR-Nord@Göttingen, and NHR@ZIB.

This ISC tutorial introduced quantum computing for machine learning, targeting computer- and data scientists as well as HPC users of any scientific domains. The morning sessions focused on how quantum computers are programmed today and the essential math and physics background required to develop quantum algorithms. In the afternoon, the concepts for quantum classification, e.g., Quantum Support Vector Classifiers, are presented, followed by Variational Quantum Classifier in quantum machine learning. All sessions were accompanied with Jupyter notebooks using Qiskit to guide the participants to build quantum circuits and quantum algorithms for applications in machine learning. Through this tutorial, the participants acquired practical insights into the complexities of quantum computing, equipping them with knowledge and skills to explore the potential of quantum algorithms in their respective fields.

This tutorial attracted about 25 participants with very active discussions during the presentation and hands-on sessions.