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Data Center Building O

| Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing

PC² at ISC'19

On Sunday, the ISC 2019 in Frankfurt started. We will be there from Tuesday to Thursday and contribute to the program:

Tuesday, June 18, 15:00–17:00
Present at the Gauss Allianz booth (M-334)
Topic: Accelerating Quantum Chemistry

Tuesday, June 18, 15:30–15:45
Talk: Leveraging Custom Computing for Quantum Chemistry
Presenter: Dr. Robert Schade, PC²
Location: Gauss Allianz booth (M-334)

Wednesday, June 19, 14:00
Talk: FPGAs for Heterogeneous HPC
Jointly presented by BittWare and Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl, PC²
Location: Intel Collaboration Hub (F-930)

Thursday, June 20, 14:00
Opening Keynote: High-Performance Computing with FPGAs
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl, PC²
IXPUG Workshop
Location: Marriott Hotel, Room Megabyte

Thursday, June 20, 16:30 — 18:00
Panel Discussion on “Are the FPGAs a silver bullet for Exascale?”
Participant: Dr. Tobias Kenter, PC²
ExaComm Workshop
Location: Marriott Hotel, Room Ampere

We are looking forward to meet you in Frankfurt.

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