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Data Center Building O Show image information

Data Center Building O

Application for computing resources

Please avoid sending us letters per post.

Use always the mentioned email addresses.

Next Call: Call for Proposal 2020-2 (preliminary)
Last Call:  Call for Proposal 2020-1

You can apply for computing time on our HPC systems using the following application forms:

Application for User Account:

  • Form to apply for an account (pdf, If you cannot save a completed PDF form, you may print it to a PDF file and send this document.)

Final Report:

  • When and how do I have to submit a final report:

    • small-projects:

      • small projects that didn't apply for an extension or an extension was not granted:
      • small projects that applied for an extension and the new project was granted: 
        • list all publications and theses (Bachelor/Master/Ph.D) that used the compute project in the proposal for the extension
        • depending on special reporting needs of PC² (research report of PC²) we might request detailed reports (next date mid of 2021)
    • large projects:
  • Template for a detailed final report (tex, docx)


Formal Regulations

The University for the Information Society