Guide to apply for an NHR-Starter Project

This project category is intended for applicants without experience with the application procedure for resource use of high performance computing, and without deeper background knowledge of high performance computing. Your application will be assigned to one of the NHR centers, from where you will receive advice, and limited HPC resources for use for one year. The goal is easy access, and to enable you to subsequently submit a successful proposal in the Normal or Large project categories.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write us at or join our regular consultation hour (Sprechstunde):


  1. visit the online application portal at NHR-JARDS and login with you university mail and click on "New NHR Starter Project Application"
  2. follow the steps
  3. In "Resource Selection", please select "PC2" in "Please select a center that you would prefer to be assigned to your application by the NHR Verein"
  4. and Finalize.
  5. Your project will be created within a few days and we will contact you.